AWS DeepRacer etc.

I am not a baker. No, really. I’m not even an expert. When I started baking, then blogging about it, bread was the only thing I did outside of work and family life, a hobby that I was missing. Profession-wise I’m a Software Engineer working at OpenMarket, a messaging solutions provider, currently more focused on enabling others to do their job and to do it in comfort.

I have found a new hobby: AWS DeepRacer – that’s why there are no new bread posts at the moment. Chances are there will be some at some point, but you’re far more likely to hear about DeepRacer on Instagram or Twitter. If you don’t know what I am talking about:

It’s a whole new learning experience for me: a challenge combined with learning and community building.

I have moved blogging into new areas:

  • – I started this as a Go programming course for our friends – girls that had their kids around the same time as us. Currently started rewriting it to Rust. It may have been a bad idea
  • – I started running a sort of a metablog using Steem blockchain (think of it as a huge database that everyone can read from). I used to post time consuming bread related things as I did them, I also posted things not related to bread. The community is lovely. Some people that I know are using Steem as a base for a blogging platform called and I like it, so the blog above is using that. And two below
  • – I tried to convince my Mom to blog – she has so many valuable memories, experiences, knowledge, insights. I haven’t given up (runs on Steem)
  • – the first idea was to copy but in English. Then AWS DeepRacer happened and it started a life of its own. I used it for community announcements when there wasn’t a community blog, now it’s just for my personal posts in tech (runs on Steem)
  • – I’m one of the writers for the AWS DeepRacer Community blog